Flummitravels # 1 Venice by [Alison Kenney] on 01/23/16 in Lipsum, Numminy

Since there soon for many time for vacation planning, I thought I'll start with my new track: My favorite destinations!

With there should be both places I myself have visited, but also places, countries and cities I ungedingt still want to see - and why


After I've been dreaming of it for years - and since Instagram increasingly beautiful travel photos have seen from there at least - went there last year finally to Venice! The best part: My friend and I had around the time there even Anniversary )

And we were last September with his family and friends for 2 weeks in Italy. Since the resort where we were is only 50 km from Venice, and my friend's mother loves the city about everything ) , it took not so much persuasion to bring the other to me finally Venice show!

Knew I had the city so far only from pictures, great postcards, films and my favorite books. For this reason alone, I had to learn even the city finally.

My brother always said to me, Go not ever in the summer or fall, since the channels stink! My mum said: Well, it's not in the summer, then maybe are not that many tourists here!

Haha- laughed twice : D September No stench (:)) but still an infinite number of tourists ( :( )

But I think by the latter, you'll be through with such well-known cities - is I think often different. Hint: Watch Perhaps only St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge, and otherwise simply do not take the main roads ;) Then the crowds can reasonably withstand.

worth to be, since I am anyway so a water man alone was the feeling to take the boat there and converted the whole time of water and yes even "lower" give amazing and the trip! Not to mention the wonderful architecture. I love these old towns, in which the entire work still looks as if someone had just made a journey. And that's in Venice just completely the case! Hardly one enters the jetty you feel transported back in time. Really stunning! This is really something special, when there is actually no newer buildings and is trying to "only" to restore and maintain the old flair always everything.

All in all I can tell you the city really recommend it. A time must they have seen !!

Since words are unfortunately limited and pictures say much more, here are a few impressions: